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Houdini Python Master Class

SideFX is at it again with a new video from one of their most recent Python master classes. Visit their site to download the video/project file.


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tractor logo
Pixar just announced their next generation render farm management tool called Tractor.
“Systems administrators can easily add Python extension modules to Tractor-Blades and customize the specifics of how various tasks are executed.”

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Python installed on Softimage 2011

It appears that the Windows version of 2011 will come with Python pre-installed.
Check out the

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Yet another Python/Houdini workshop…

Who better to teach a workshop on Python as it relates to Houdini than the creator of Houdini’s Python scripting interface?

Here’s a list of possible topics to be covered:

– exploring the Python API
– creating shelf tools
– scripting digital assets
– implementing operators in Python
– using Python in parameter expressions
– creating user interfaces from Python

For more info visit the

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Speaking of classes…

On March 16th SideFx will be offering a “gentle introduction to programming using Python for Houdini.”

Peeps in the Los Angeles area should not miss such a recession friendly opportunity.

More details can be found on SideFx’s site

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Don’t call it a comeback!

What a difference 3 years makes……. Python seems to be everywhere these days and the number of online resources/books/dvds/classes just keeps growing and growing.

Will try to bring this blog back from the dead and post as much useful info as possible going forward.  🙂


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How time flies…

I can’t believe it’s already been two months since I started this. Between work and my class at UCLA I’ve had very little time to dedicate to this blog.
I’ve already thought of ways of improving this blog and sharing some of the tips I’ve been learning in class. But, all that is going to have to wait a little while longer.

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UCLA & python

I’m set to begin taking Michael Dawson’s Python for Games class on the 27th of this month. Not much else to report for the time being, but expect to see a lot more action in the weeks to come.

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“Pymel makes python scripting with Maya work the way it should — in an intuitive, concise, and object-oriented way. Pymel corrects the many design oversights in the maya.cmds and maya.mel modules, and reorganizes its commands into a class hierarchy. the result is that you can perform scripting tasks in Maya more quickly and with less code, with all the power of python.”

Luma Pictures just released this interesting piece of freeware that could very well make our scripting lives a whole lot easier. I know Python is widely used by studios such as ILM, The Mill, Digital Domain and so forth, so it’s really exciting to see the folks over at Luma share some of their proprietary wealth with the community at large.

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print “Hello World”

I’m hoping that this humble blog will attract those working or learning how to get the most out of Python and applications such as: Maya, Motion Builder, Houdini, Real Flow, XSI and so forth.

Many of these applications have just started offering Python support and their documentation leaves a lot to be desired. That’s precisely the gap I hope that this blog will fill by becoming a destination for all Python and CGI aficionados out there.

My own background lies in the Fine Arts and although I’ve been using different CGI packages for years, I’m a complete novice when it comes to scripting. However, I’m on a mission to learn how to use Python and to compile a list of resources and tutorials to allow others to follow suit.

My main source of inspiration for this project is a book called: “Democratizing Innovation” by MIT professor Eric Von Hippel. (You can download the electronic version under a Creative Commons license from this site.

I believe that with recent developments in crowdsourcing and online collaboration a task such as learning how to get the most out of Python, will be much more efficiently achieved through the open sharing of knowledge.

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