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For all your Python scripting needs

print “Hello World”

I’m hoping that this humble blog will attract those working or learning how to get the most out of Python and applications such as: Maya, Motion Builder, Houdini, Real Flow, XSI and so forth.

Many of these applications have just started offering Python support and their documentation leaves a lot to be desired. That’s precisely the gap I hope that this blog will fill by becoming a destination for all Python and CGI aficionados out there.

My own background lies in the Fine Arts and although I’ve been using different CGI packages for years, I’m a complete novice when it comes to scripting. However, I’m on a mission to learn how to use Python and to compile a list of resources and tutorials to allow others to follow suit.

My main source of inspiration for this project is a book called: “Democratizing Innovation” by MIT professor Eric Von Hippel. (You can download the electronic version under a Creative Commons license from this site.

I believe that with recent developments in crowdsourcing and online collaboration a task such as learning how to get the most out of Python, will be much more efficiently achieved through the open sharing of knowledge.


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